16-5-25:  IKEA CENTRES ANNOUNCES THE NAME OF RONCADELLE-BRESCIA SHOPPING CENTRE (Press Release) Roncadelle (Brescia) – The mall that IKEA Centres is building in Roncadelle will be called "ELNÒS SHOPPING". As in the tradition of IKEA Centres, the name has a concrete reference to the territory and, in this context, a meaning of unity and closeness. In the dialect of... Read more

15-4-21:  GROUNDBREAKING CEREMONY FOR BRESCIA-RONCADELLE SHOPPING Roncadelle (Brescia) - The traditional “Groundbreaking” ceremony for the construction of the new Brescia-Roncadelle Shopping Centre was held on Monday, 20th April. This is the second shopping centre that will be built in Italy after Villesse (Gorizia). Herman Gewert, Managing Director... Read more

15-3-15:  IKEA Group acquires Ikano Retail Centres (Press Release) IKEA Group has signed an agreement with Ikano Group to acquire the remaining 51 percent in Ikano Retail Centres. Adding Ikano Retail Centres’ Nordic business to the recently created IKEA Centres, IKEA Group strengthens its position on the shopping centre market. IKEA Group announces a... Read more

14-12-17:  IKEA Group forms new global shopping centre company (Press Release) By acquiring the remaining 51 percent of Inter IKEA Centre Group (IICG) from Inter IKEA Group, the IKEA Group forms a new global shopping centre company for a convenient and family-friendly day out. The new fully owned company, IKEA Centres, will offer great opportunities to develop meeting places... Read more

14-11-17:  CUSHMAN & WAKEFIELD SELECTED BY IKEA CENTRES ITALIA Cushman & Wakefield has been selected by IKEA Centres Italia for the commercialization of the Brescia-Roncadelle mall. The shopping centre will be built with the existing IKEA store integrated, and will have a total GLA of 88,000 square meters. It will host 165 shops, a hypermarket, a hub with... Read more